RUAG supplies first rear fuselage for Airbus long-haul jet

RUAG supplies first rear fuselage for Airbus long-haul jet

RUAG Aerostructures in Oberpfaffenhofen is supplying Airbus with a first complex fuselage section for its latest long-haul jet, the A321XLR.

The second aft-most fuselage section, which is over 6m long and around 4m high, is home to the new jet’s lavatories and rear galley. RUAG Aerostructures already delivered first side and floor elements to Hamburg in the spring.

With the completion of the first section 18/19, RUAG Aerostructures is already delivering the third major structural part for the new jet to Airbus in Hamburg.

The fuselage’s second rear section is weighing over one ton, measuring 6 meters in length and just under 4 meters in height. This forms the basis for the rear exits as well as the lavatories and galley. The main innovation of this fuselage section is the ability to accommodate larger tanks for drinking and service water, in order to make the flight times of over eight hours for passengers as comfortable as possible.

André Wall, CEO of RUAG International, commented: “Thanks to our many years of experience in aircraft structure construction, we were able to respond flexibly and at short notice to design improvements. The higher take-off weight, also due to the additional fuel tanks, posed special challenges for the design of the aircraft structural components. A top performance by the entire Aerostructures team.”

All three RUAG Aerostructures sites are involved in the production of the large assemblies for the new Airbus A321XLR. The upper side shells of the aircraft fuselage, the rear fuselage and floor structure, the tail spar and the pressure dome are produced in Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany. Individual small components are manufactured in Emmen, Switzerland. At the plant in Eger, Hungary, which recently received EASA Part-21 certification, the floor structures as well as the lower side shells including the landing gear well are manufactured.


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